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Bio-based material design research

Salvage System. Bag 01-02, 2024

Salvage System, Bag 01-02

Shopping Bag from the Fragments of Urban Demolition


Salvage System urges a reconsideration of the rigid paradigm, challenging the current perception of construction and demolition waste streams, as well as the dominant view of construction materials. It envisions a more fluid and flexible future, where urban fragments gaining renewed form and purpose beyond landfills.


In this exhibition, Salvage System manifests in shopping bags crafted from post-demolition build materials, rescued on their way to landfills, and bonded with protein-based bioplastic.

DESIGNED & PRODUCED BY Hutsama Juntaratana

About the exhibition

“The Future of Shopping Bags”

An Exclusive Collaboration between Ctrl+R Collective and Central Department Store

The centerpiece of this room lies the objects one would see daily at any Central branch across Thailand. With regenerative minds and approaches, ‘Central Shopping Bags’ underwent a thoughtful reexamination and reassembly, employing circular and environmentally friendly materials. The showcase pieces draw inspiration from the eras of Central, envisioning what could be the beginning of a regenerative future for lifestyle and department stores.

CURATED & CREATED BY Ctrl+R Collective

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