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Rueng Loy Live Performance, 2022

Rueng Loy made its second edition coming to Wonderfruit 2022. The installation seeks to extend the journey by transforming its unique environment back into sound.


The performance elapsed through every sunset of Rueng Loy. From day to night and from space to sound, the event relieved Rueng Loy from its physical presence and released it back to its natural element through a sonic experience. The performers included live performances & soundscape music selection by Tanaad Rasanon and a live modular synthesizer by Tommy Hanson capturing the sounds below Rueng Loy’s surface using Hydrophones that pay homage to the field-recording process of Chris Watson’s original piece.


The audiences were encouraged to gather on the net to receive the whole experience of quadraphonic sound.

Featured in Wonderfruit Festival 2022. Pattaya, Thailand.


Created in collaboration with :

Palodh Pitanpitayarat (Creative Technologist and Multimedia Developer)

Nuntawat Jarusruangnil (Visual Designer and Project Consultant)

Roya Juntaratana (Structural Engineer)

Tommy Hanson (Sound Engineer and Live Performer)

Tanaad Rasanon (Live Performer)

Field recording trip. Observing and collecting sound from the nature of the festival site.


We introduced the Enviro board (EVB) as a new material for this edition. EVB is a material made from discarded milk cartons from the post-industrial. It is strong and moisture-resistant while giving a minimal spacecraft aesthetic that suits the installation.

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