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Stage Design

Karma Kastle 3, 2022

Karma Klique is a family of like-minded friends aiming to create social change through the power of music and arts. We often host a musical gatherings in different unique locations - Karma Kastle is one of them.


Karma Kastle is a journey of 3 days and 3 nights at a magical venue of MiraSierra Khao Yai, surrounded by beautiful nature while listening to top-shelf music with friends. For this third edition, we started to rethink how can we do a festival build more sustainably while maintaining the impressive artistic impact. 

We work with the reversible design principle where all the built structures and materials can be taken apart and repurposed for the next project or transformed into a new product. Through many material explorations, the silver peanut-shaped yoga ball was chosen to be our star. It is a versatile inflatable object with a surrealist appearance that speaks to our aesthetic. The peanut ball was then used with a combination of other materials to construct a few different experiences for the festival. After the festival ended, all materials has been dismantled and stored for the next event.

Created in collaboration with :

HollandCreate (Bamboo Artist)

Human Spectrum (Visual Designer and Operator)

The UFO (The main stage)

The OFU (The ambient stage)

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