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Rueng Loy, 2020


An immersive journey into Chris Watson’s soundscape ‘Voices in the Humboldt Current’ - a four channels piece celebrating the sounds, rhythms, and music of the Humboldt Current in the Pacific Ocean around the Galapagos Islands. Recorded at night with four channel hydrophone array.


The installation invites people to experience the sound piece at its most intimate. Floating in the middle of the lake, the space act as a fluid membrane of water surface encouraging people to comfortable lie down to experience the 20 minutes sound journey with an aim to create an experience of being one with water - both physically and spiritually.

Featured in Moobaan Wonder by Wonderfruit 2020. Pattaya, Thailand.


Created in collaboration with Eyedropper Fill Studio, and

Roya Juntaratana (Structural Engineer)

Tommy Hanson (Sound Engineer)

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