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Pavilion Design

Hammock Market at BMMF9, 2018


Hammock Market is one of the original pavilions of the Big Mountain Music Festival. It is a space for people to relax while enjoying the music from a distance. With this 9th edition, it was designed with the reversible design principle where all the built structure and materials can be taken apart and repurposed for the next project or transformed into a new product.


The pavilion was built with the rental steel scaffolding and pipe system which are completely reusable and minimise the ground damage. While the 1080 pieces of fluorescent Kamar cloths, the local multi-purpose cloth of Thailand, were hung in a pattern creating shading for 72 hammocks below. UV lighting is installed to create a dim atmosphere where fluorescent stripes on the roof glow at night. 


On the last day of the festival, the pavilion roof was left with only the steel structure as people were invited to take a piece of Kamar cloth home and use it as they see fit.




Created in collaboration with Supermachine Studio.

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